ADVICE | Replace your income

If loss in the income you're relying on is temporary, your emergency fund may tide you over. But what if it's a long-term illness and you're left without an income for an extended period? If you're a couple with kids and one of you were to die, how would the surviving partner manage to juggle earning money and caring for your family?

This is where personal insurance - life, total and permanent disability, income protection and trauma cover - becomes such an important part of your future financial stability.  Consideration must also be given to arranging adequate cover for both partners, regardless of who earns the money.  If something stops a parent from being able to carry out their role as primary carer, it's going to have financial consequences for the whole family.  At FinProtect, we want to ensure you can replace income to cover personal debts and household expenses.  To protect your family in the event of accident or illness so one parent is not forced to return to work at a time when they are needed at home or to cover a working parent taking on a care-giver role when the primary caregiver is unable to do so.

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