Elders Financial Planning Gippsland Alison Brand

Alison Brand

Financial Planning Assistant

Alison is new to the financial planning industry and eagerly accepted a position at FinProtect South Gippsland in September 2018 as a financial planning assistant.  Alison is currently responsible for general administration tasks and is keen to undertake further studies within the industry.

With previous experience in a large multi - national, in a small business and as a small business owner as well as being a Mum to two, Alison understands the time constraints placed on clients these days.  Alison is open, honest and transparent in all communication with clients as fostering great customer relationships is paramount to her job satisfaction.

Alison is also involved in her children's kinder committee, spending the last two years on the fundraising team ensuring the funds were available to run the kinder at the high level the community is used to.

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