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What We Do

At FinProtect, we ask you to consider the consequences of not being able to work for six months, or a year, or more as a result of illness or injury. Worse still, to consider the death of the family's main income earner or caregiver. While nothing can compensate you for the emotional loss that such a catastrophe causes, it is possible to protect your family or business financially by putting in place appropriate types and levels of insurance to suit your circumstances.

The team at FinProtect will take the time to get to know you and tailor a personal insurance solution to suit your lifestyle requirements.  We specialise in preparing advice for wage earners, business owners, farmers and families. 

Knowing you're covered for what life has in store with income protection, trauma, disability or life insurance can really give you peace of mind.  It is simply about protecting a lifestyle and the people you love.

How We Do It

Through many years in the business FinProtect has built a strong reputation for honest, straightforward and trustworthy personal risk insurance advice.  We believe in what we do with a passion and we treat our clients as we would our own families.

We will organise a time and location to sit down with you and discuss your current circumstances.  From there we can help you determine an appropriate level of cover necessary to maintain your current lifestyle if the unthinkable was to happen.  Our advice will be tailored to consider your budget and our strong relationship with a large number of insurance providers ensures you will end up with an insurance solution that meets your needs.

Our Advice and Service

Unfortunately, we have seen many claims made by clients who have experienced some kind of illness or injury that has prevented them from working.

Fortunately for these people they had some form of personal risk insurance so they were able to minimise their financial losses during some very difficult times.  We took care of the entire claims process for them, so they could focus on getting their families and lives back on track.

We love what we do because we are there for our clients in good times and bad.  FinProtect is a small team, approachable, contactable and dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients.  Rather than a 'set and forget' approach, we provide ongoing reviews to ensure your insurance coverage needs are being met as your circumstances change.

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